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W.T.F. Bellingham
Please help me give warm things to people who are out in the freezing cold. I’ve nicknamed this project “Warm Things for Bellingham”.

It’s that time of year, and starting to get cold again, around these parts, and there are people without homes, living in tents and under bridges, all over town. According to the City of Bellingham, “At least 742 people in Whatcom County are homeless on any given night. One in four of our local working families can’t afford their basic needs.” It’s only getting worse.

I’ll be collecting donations of old jackets, hats, blankets, gloves, handwarmers, and sleeping bags, and passing them out to people who need them. If you have anything to contribute, please use any of the contact info at the bottom of this page to reach out to me.

UPDATE: Due to COVID-19, all donations and deliveries will be contactless.