Benji Warrior
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As of July 2022, I'm offering the following services!

Empathetic Listening

As an Empathy Provider, I provide the service of empathetic listening. By using active listening, motivational interviewing, and compassionate communication skills (also known as NVC), I will nonjudgmentally see and hear you, holding space for your feelings, needs, values, beliefs, and experiences.

Although detachment from outcomes is a crucial skill for an empathetic listener, you (the sharer) are encouraged to hope that by consistently and bravely showing up to engage in this process, you will notice the shedding of old, limiting narratives and feelings of shame, more consistent feelings of strength, empowerment, and heightened inspiration, and a greater capacity to meet your own needs for acceptance.  This process of safe, vulnerable exchange will positively and systemically impact you in other realms of your life by bolstering the confidence necessary for you to open up and express yourself as authentically as possible, further allowing you to co-create belonging in the space you share with the people around you.


Occasionally, if requested and mutually agreed upon as having the potential to be beneficial, I might elect to temporarily switch to the role of a Coach. As a coach, my goal will be to provide you with questions and structure, to support you in an honest inventory of your feelings, needs, boundaries, values, goals, obstacles, strategies, and integrity, so that we can both have the depth of understanding and compassion necessary for you to live with resilient confidence, and a sense of purpose that is deeply and securely rooted in your own value system. 

As part of my coaching model, I sometimes offer compassionate communication coaching, to help you contribute to your relationships in ways that support healthy growth, transformation, and co-creation.

Platonic Touch

The world needs more sweet human touch, without attachment to sexual or romantic expectations. When requested and mutually assessed as having therapeutic merit, I will provide platonic touch in varying degrees of closeness. As part of this service, I will use some coaching skills to help us both establish clear boundaries. Platonic touch can range from a hand on the shoulder or back, to non-sexual massage or platonic snuggles/cuddling.

If any of these services interest you, click here to schedule a free 15 minute consultation.