Ep. 13 Authentic Warrior Radio feat. Tony “Bones” Hugo

Tony “Bones” Hugo (@tonybonesmma on Insta), is dynamic, determined, adaptive human. He’s a father, a fighter, a coach, and a crucial part of my fight team at Bellingham Mixed Martial Arts. He’s a survivor, and a thriver. This is by far the longest episode I’ve recorded. Just an FYI, he arrived at my house, to record, after attending a memorial gathering for the anniversary of a friend’s passing, and he had been drinking. He’s authentic, assertive, and a genuinely loving, caring person. I love this dude. I’m stoked to say that my friendship with him has become one of my strongest ties. We talked about such a variety of topics in this episode, there’s something in it for everyone. I hope you enjoy it! Also, thank you for being on the show Tony, and for not being an asshole!!!

P.S. Shout out to Jeff Shaw at Dirty White Belt Radio!