What is your podcast about? What’s the topic?
In a somewhat indirect and general sense, Authentic Warrior Radio is a podcast devoted to authenticity, resilience, and communication between diverse and passionate people (with a healthy dose of antics, insanity, and humor). With that said, it’s not an interview podcast, it’s a conversational one. I prefer that we both show up to record, ready for the conversation to flow in any direction, with no particular agenda. I do sometimes use questions, but only to keep the conversation flowing, and because I’m a very curious person. Questions are a big part of how I communicate in conversation, and I always come up with them on the fly.

I don’t know what I would talk about (I’m not an expert on anything).
You’re just as much an expert on existence as I am. We’re all pretty clueless, in the big picture. However, I’m inviting you to be on my show because I dig your passion, your values, your interests, and/or your story. So, have some faith in both of us, and just come have whatever your idea of an ordinary conversation is, possibly with a slightly more courageous openness (that’s the authenticity part). I promise to do the same.

Can you give me some of your questions in advance, so I can prepare?

As I stated above, I only ask questions that come to me in the moment. This podcast is a conversational podcast, not an interview. Just come hang out, relax, and have a regular old conversation. We can imbibe libations, if that sounds good to you (remind me to figure out how to put a checkbox here).

How can I prepare? That’s my thing.
The best thing you can do to prepare, if that’s your thing, is listen to a few episodes. You’ll find that each episode is as unique as the guest being featured. If you do this, please remember the following thoughts:

I’m inviting you onto my show because based on my perception of who you are, I appreciate you and I want my listeners to experience that appreciation in their own way.

I’m not inviting you because I want you to fit some predefined criteria. So, please don’t worry about emulating what you hear in any of the other episodes.

I understand that my perception of who you are is incomplete and most likely inaccurate, and I truly want to learn more about who you are, on my show. So, please excuse yourself from feeling any pressure to be what I imagine you to be. For example, if I invite you on because I love your positive attitude, you’re more than welcome to come on and be depressed as hell. If I invite you on because you’re a communication expert, you can come on my show, have an off day, and sound like a terrible communicator.

I want the authentic you. My podcast is devoted to authenticity and resilience. Perfectionism doesn’t allow for either of those things.

If you still have any questions, please feel free to ask!