Ep. 27 – Authentic Warrior Radio feat. Landin Fusman (Space Travelling Robot Man from the Future)

Landin Fusman (Space Travelling Robot Man from the Future), is a disadvantageously intelligent, loving, compassionate, brilliant creator. He’s a member of my league of heroes, and a brother to me. He’s always got several projects going at once. I don’t think I’ve ever known anyone as versatile, adaptable, and proficient in such a vast variety of sciences (hard and soft) and arts. One of his projects is the Mr. Hotbox (https://www.mrhotbox.com/) This episode covered more topics than I care to list in text, and I’m pretty much certain I’d forget several topics if I were to attempt to. Just listen to it all the way through. You don’t want to miss what Landin gives. Much love!

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