Ep. 34 – Authentic Warrior Radio feat. Jenna Goodman

Welcome to episode 34 of Authentic Warrior Radio, featuring Episode 24’s very lovely Jenna Goodman, a friend of mine who is a local artist and a very thoughful human. This episode of AWR, hereinafter referred to as “AWWWRRRR!!!” is brought to you by Taj Eye, the maestro of video, music, and paint who was featured way back on episode 10. If you appreciate the cover art of this podcast, go over to tajeye.com and have a look-see at Taj’s beautiful works. You can also go to authenticwarrior.org/friends and find a link to his website. If you’re like me, and you have eyes, and a heart, don’t miss this opportunity to feed your heart the artistic visual substance that it’s always begging you for. It’s begging because it’s a human heart, and those things need art in order to continue cultivating spirit in the world. Would you starve your kid, or your pet? Unless you’re some kind of abusive, rotten, toxic, neglectful, demon-plagued, psychopath, you had to have answered no to that question. If you didn’t this is not the podcast you’ll like, but it might be the one you need. And if you did answer no, then dude, by gosh, feed your heart before it turns to stone and you start rampaging through the city, committing hate crimes. I know that it’s complicated and it might seem like a stretch to believe, but if you look in a text book at a college, it will tell you that the eyes are the mouth holes that feed art to your heart. So go to TajEye.com, right now, to avoid becoming a psychopath. You can also go to www.sunspotseries.com and prevent yourself from committing hate crimes by consuming her beautiful, fascinating art.

AWWWRRR is also brought to you by my precious, benevolent, supportive, loving, possibility-of-happiness-creating, contribution-making patreon subscribers: Cap’n Christopher Cook, the magnificent Matt Heggem, my sister Megan “Myeff Bomb” Gentile, my main man Mike Roe, my cousin Zeddy Mack McVizzly Bear, and Molly the Cop. Thank you all for your contributions to this podcast. Molly, I’ve scattered at least a handful of karaoke tracks throughout this episode, to thank you for your top-tier pledges. You are all appreciated and I hope you enjoy my obnoxious singing as well. If you’re listening to this, and you aren’t a patreon subscriber, but you wish to be, head on over to patreon.com/authenticwarriorradio and sign up to receive special rewards as a thank you for your support.

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