Ep. 36 – Authentic Warrior Radio feat. Benji Warrior (Interviewed by Claire Foden)

Yo! It’s been a while! I’m back, with Authentic Warrior Radio version 3000.0!

For the first time ever, I’ve decided to be a guest on my own podcast. In this episode, Claire asks me some questions about the podcast, including what I’ve been up to since I stopped posting, why I took a break, what I’ve learned, what I’ve inspired me to start this podcast in the first place, what inspires me to continue it now, and what changes I plan to make going forward with the show. We also talk a bit about a zillion other things.

I have a backlog of episodes from last year, that I’ll be posting between new episodes. I implore you to email me or message/comment on social media, to let me know what you think about the changes I mention, what you’d like to see and hear going forward, who you’d like me to have on the show. What were your favorite qualities of AWR, before? What would you like to hear more or less of? Are you or a friend inspired to be on the show?

Thank you very much for checking this out. I’m looking forward to connecting!!!