Ep. 8 Authentic Warrior Radio feat. Sifu Chris Strelau, Ph. D.

Sifu Chris Strelau​ is a 40+ year practitioner of martial arts, specializing in Hung Gar Kuen, Yang Tai Chi, and Balintawak Escrima. He’s a two-time martial arts hall-of-famer, who’s also earned a Ph. D, in Philosophy and Martial Science, from the University of Asian Martial Arts Studies. He’s studied under Grandmaster Bobby Toboada, Sigung Y.C. Wong, Guru John Soriano, Sifu Eddie Lane, Sigung John Leong, Sensei Fred Sato, Sensei Duane Sammons, and Sifu Mike Yeager. With his determination, passion, and extreme resilience, Sifu Chris has long been one of the most inspirational people I’ve ever known. Thank you for coming onto the show Sifu Chris!

For more information on any of what you heard in this episode, you can reach Sifu Chris at chrisstrelau@yahoo.com. He’ll respond to all emails!


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3 thoughts on “Ep. 8 Authentic Warrior Radio feat. Sifu Chris Strelau, Ph. D.”

  1. Thank You Benji for a great interview and workout.
    I want to mention Guru John Soriano who is my number one Balintawak instructor. I want to honor him.
    Sifu Chris

  2. I just wanted to add Guru John Soriano is my instructor in Balintawak. He has been very inspirational and a source of great knowledge in the Filipine Arts. Thank you Guru Soriano.
    Sifu Chris

  3. After listening to the radio interview with Sifu, it brought up my own personal question on why I am training with him. I am not interested in fighting people. What is it about Sifu that keeps me going to him for tai chi?
    I think it has to do with his power of observation. He can watch a group of people and visualize areas where improvement is needed. In privates, he is very helpful in pointing out subtle, but powerful, changes to postures to make the form better. He is very good at tweaking the form without frustrating people.
    Sifu understands how the human body moves and is able to incorporate the natural flow of movement into his instruction. Finding perfection in this flow is my goal, a very long term goal!

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