Ep. 9 Authentic Warrior Radio feat. Taj Williams AKA Taj Eye

This is an intense and powerful episode featuring my friend Taj. Taj is extremely inspiring and resilient person, with multiple talents, and heart and drive like no other. We talked about so many things in this episode, from art and music to PTSD and martial arts. He opened up and told some viscerally moving stories about his life. For that, I have immense gratitude. Thank you Taj!

Audio tracks, listed in the order in which they were played:

Taj Eye – Taj On Keys
Taj Eye – Zone
Taj Eye – Full Circle
Taj Eye – Audible Sanscript
Benji Warrior – The Mop Head

In this episode, I mentioned some “I heart B’ham” artwork that Taj made years ago. I’ve included that piece in this upload.

You can contact Taj or explore his creations at the following links:

Taj Eye Instagram
Zapskills Instagram
Creativetwinpower Instagram
Taj’s YouTube Channel
Taj’s Soundcloud

Other links to referenced people and events:

Lokeye’s website
Lokeye on YouTube
Lokeye’s bandcamp site
Lokeye’s music on Amazon
Lokeye on Facebook

Doug “Karock” Kar’s website
Doug’s Twitter
Doug’s Instagram

Sunday Cypher on Bandcamp
Sunday Cypher LLC on Facebook
Sunday Cypher on Facebook
Sunday Cypher on Twitter

Adjy (Adjectives, inspirational rapper, 1/2 of My Dad Bruce)

Bloodshot (rapper)

Dontay Reynolds (rapper & singer)

Olympic Pipeline Explosion
Pipeline explosion timeline

Irukandji (band Facebook page)
Irukandji’s Soundcloud

David Goggins
Goggins on Instagram

Nicholas Megalis (comedian)

3 thoughts on “Ep. 9 Authentic Warrior Radio feat. Taj Williams AKA Taj Eye”

  1. Taj is the man! He’s been a close and dear friend of mine for over twenty years! Great podcast! I wanna do one now haha! I loved this!

    -Josey Simonds

  2. Wow, just wow. That was the most inspiring podcast I’ve ever listened to. I want to my book so badly now so that I can get back to hip hop and make a solo album that is as inspiring and emotional as this podcast is. You two are modeling some beautiful stuff here for us all.

    1. Thank you so much for the love, Lokeye! I would love to catch up with you and have you on the show! You’ve always inspired me!

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